WE Scandal

May 14, 2021
Today, a federal investigator confirmed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved a half-billion dollar grant for WE Charity, an organization operated by Justin Trudeau’s friends. Those same friends had previously paid members of the Trudeau family nearly a half-million dollars to speak and attend public events on behalf of WE.
But despite Trudeau admitting he did something wrong and despite the Ethics Commissioner’s finding that Trudeau directed his staff to explore options for providing the money to WE, Trudeau was not found guilty by the Ethics Commissioner.
Our accountability laws are broken, and we can’t have more of the same corruption and cronyism from Justin Trudeau. It’s time to clean up the mess in Ottawa with a new anti-corruption law which will ensure Liberals like Justin Trudeau can’t reward their insider friends.
To clean up Ottawa, Conservatives will impose higher penalties for individuals who break the Conflict of Interest and Lobbying Act and shine a light on Liberal cover-ups and scandals, ending them once and for all.
More corruption, more scandals, more of the same from Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. If you are concerned about how corrupt Ottawa has become under this Prime Minister, then there is only one choice to secure a more accountable and ethical government: the Conservative Party of Canada.