Lawsuit against Speaker Anthony Rota

July 01, 2021
How can the media ignore this ......?
"The Trudeau government has now taken the extraordinary step of filing a lawsuit against Speaker Anthony Rota (who is himself a Liberal Member of Parliament) in order to circumvent the Parliamentary orders. The ongoing ordeal raises basic questions about Parliamentary supremacy in our constitutional system."
"It’s precisely the sort of issue that ought to animate law professors across the country who can usually be relied upon to issue an open letter of condemnation every time a Conservative government makes a decision they don’t like. Yet there’s been deafening silence in response to the government’s act of executive aggrandizement. No open letters. No protests. No media exposes. Not even the usual snark or incredulity on social media. Apparently academic Twitter has suddenly exhausted its usual supply of indignation."


Sean Speer: Elite silence on Trudeau government's lawsuit against the speaker is a threat to public trust .  One cannot help but think that if it involved the Harper government or one of the provincial Conservative governments their interest level might be heightened